Community Work

Men in Transition

January 12, 2018 marked the start of Misr Temple #213’s Shrine Year 2018 Community Service Programs. The Nobles of Misr Temple No 213 began visiting the Prince George’s House during 2017 and on every fourth Friday of the month we prepare meals and serve their residents. Located at 603 Addison Rd. South in Capital Heights, Maryland, The Prince Georges House is a County Transition Center that provides housing, meals, housing counseling, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, career counseling, and training services to men.  The ages of those served ranges from 17 to 73 ...

School Drive

Misr Temple No. 213, Oasis of Accokeek, Desert of Maryland…“at work in the community”


When Noble Rudyard Wallace assumed office as Misr Temple No. 213’s Illustrious Potentate last December he set out an agenda in his acceptance speech that would be about service and not self.  The temple’s agenda would be filled with Imperial Council Programs and a strong commitment to community service.


First and foremost, I want to give honor and the glory to God; it is through God’s mercy that I now come before you as Misr Temple #213, 37th Illustrious Potentate. I know as long as we keep God first and whatever we do and we do it in his name, we will move this temple to greater heights. My prayer is that he watches over each and every noble of this temple.

I am deeply humbled by your vote of confidence in electing and installing me as your 35th Illustrious Potentate, and I am excited and eager to serve you. My goals and objectives are to take Misr temple #213 to the next level. I can only do this by having the nobilities’ unwavering support. I will continue to forge the path that was set before me and always mindful of the welfare of Misr temple #213. I want to continuously seek to increase the membership of this great temple. We can accomplish this by recruiting, retaining and reclaiming. I also challenge the Shriners as Mentors to stay involved with our young African American youths. If we make a difference in one African American youth life, that is an accomplishment in of its self. I want to enhance our community involvement; I encourage and challenge the nobility to put Misr Temple #213’s name out in the community.

Finally, let’s continue to support Misr Court #193 in their endeavors and let’s maintain a cohesive relationship. I apply the tenants of Accountability to one’s self, family and temple; the tenant of Communication is the one tenant that is always overlooked and in any misunderstanding communication is usually the culprit. Finally, Teamwork, working together to achieve a common goal. This is the remedy for success.